Kettlebells for a Fit Diver

Greetings, my fellow diver!

I have no idea what happened over the past couple of months but all my content disappeared and my database got corrupted.  Fortunately, I've got great tech support who were able to not only restore it, but also enhance security.

This was a wake up call. For a while I've been meaning to update the content but my immersion in the field of Fascial Counterstrain Therapy took pretty much all my time. It's been worth it, though. I've learned to understand the body in dimensions that are impossible in the field of strength training alone. As a result, my recommendations are more productive and safer.

Though I no longer coach one-on-one and my main role is that of Pain Therapist, I'm still quite involved in the exercise field as a consulting strength and conditioning coach. I'm frequently in touch with exercise and movement professionals who need a deeper perspective to keep their clients safer and headed towards results.

So, yes, I'm still Coach Izzy and I still enjoy the immense pleasure that is scuba diving. More than ever do I get to see the deeper aspects and importance of being fit in our sport, and more than ever I'm determined to share it with those who find it beneficial.

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If you are a reader who came here from reading Kettlebells for a Fit Diver, please use the email included in the book. I no longer use a contact box to avoid spamming.

I thank you in advance for your patience as I work to improve the site and deliver a better experience.

Coach Izzy

Coach Izzy