1 kettlebell + 3 exercises + 10 minutes = Fit and Happy Diver

Yes, diver fitness can be this easy!

And There Is A Lot More Where That Came From!

Stay Tuned! We'll be back better than ever!

Dear Fellow Diver:

Fret not!

If you have access to the system through your purchase, you'll continue enjoying access.

If you purchased a copy of the book, follow the instructions in the book to be given access

The program is closed to all new users while it undergoes renovations. Be patient as this might take some time.

On a personal note, I'm pleased to announce that this program will be undergoing renovations to make it compatible with the newer technology, make content more effective and efficient, and to remove spammers incompatible with the purpose of this program.

My objective is to inspire my fellow divers to lead other fellow divers into their most optimal versions yet. Few things deter from this mission as much as those who do not care about this vision. It's time to reclaim what I created for my fellow divers and make sure they're the primary beneficiaries.

We'll be in touch.

Coach Izzy